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   The Blade Pin Alignment Tool

U.S. Pat. # 7,114,924

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Simplicity of design:
bullet Four interlocking pieces
bullet No moving parts

bullet Alignment shaft is A2 tool steel hardened to Rockwell RC60
bullet All other parts non corrosive stainless steel
bullet Virtually indestructible

Ease of Operation:
bullet Requires minimal instruction, adaptation or maintenance
bullet Minimum Practice, maximum results

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Time & Manpower Reduction:
bullet A crew of one crane operator and two crewchief/mechanics can install both pins in one blade within a sixty second time frame

bullet Alignment tool and gap spacing tool ensure that all blades are installed to uniform tolerance time and time again

Maintenance Savings
bullet Frictionless installation of blade pins increases life of pins as well as bushings in lead lag link and blade root
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Works first time, every time, without fail!
U.S. PATENT  7,114,924 
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